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Parent's  Promise

Our promise to our parents

We recognize there are many sports and activities your youth can choose to participate in and by selecting to play rugby with the Celina Rugby Club we value you as a loyal customer and valued club member. We are committed to deliver a premium experience for you and your young athlete.


1.We treat your young athletes as our own family: We are parents too and we fully understand the great responsibility our coaches, administration and parent volunteers are entrusted with in guiding your young athletes. We are committed to treating your young athletes fairly and with respect; as we expect the same from them and you. Your young athletes will be coached and lead by, minimally, Level 200 certified coaches at all practices and games with a fun and challenging curriculum all with your young athlete’s safety and welfare in mind. Further, we are committed to set good examples for your young athletes

as we teach them the game of Rugby.

2.We respect your hard-earned money: As parents you deserve to completely understand where your fees are going. The annual club dues will always be itemized so you feel comfortable knowing what you are getting in exchange for payment. Also, as a club parent, you are cordially invited to join us for regularly scheduled bi-annual club member meetings where we will clearly outline the club’s finances and operating expenses.

3.Communication is crucial: Through our website, text messaging services and in-season weekly communications we will ensure you have the most up to date information about your athlete’s practice, match and tournament schedules.

4.YOUR Voice matters to us: Any well-run organization should always value the input and concerns of their patrons. We encourage your feedback through direct contact with our administration via the parent services Text messaging service or an email to our club inbox. We will respond as quickly as possible to address your questions, concerns or suggestions. Also, the board answers to you. Each year, at one of the club member bi-annual meetings, there will be a rotation of elections where you have the chance to vote on the board member.

Athlete's  Promise

Rugby is one of the most exciting team sports on the planet. It is the ultimate team sport that requires hard work,

understanding that no one athlete wins a match – we all must play together to win, and respect for your fellow teammates. We are excited to teach you this great game and watch you and your team go on to do great things on the field and beyond.

1. TEAM First: Rugby requires all teammates to work together to win. We will reward your hard work with playing time and participation in our matches. But, don’t let your teammates down by not giving your best effort everyday.

2. You are our #1 priority: We’re here to teach you and guide you as a young athlete. We want to see you succeed. Your coaches will be there throughout the whole season to help you reach your and your team’s goals.

3. Respect: We will always treat you with respect and we ask that you return that respect to your coaches, your teammates, the parent volunteers, and yourselves. The Legion only wins if we carry ourselves with honor.

4. Have Fun: Rugby is a fast-paced game that is a lot of fun. Rugby is truly fun when a team plays together, and everyone has a part to play to win the match. Although we work hard in practice and ask for your best effort, we will have fun reaching our goals together.

5. The Best Uniforms: Yes, to play your best we must look like champions. We will have the best quality uniforms and team clothes out there.

Our promise to our athletes

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